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More Money Than Time?

Some people seem to think that homeless people get rich panhandling and don't need help. Or, they think they are lazy and just don't want to work. I can tell you first hand that any such people are the exception, not the rule. Find out for yourself by volunteering with us. If you don't have time but have a passion for the homeless, or if you think that everyone deserves a small amount of dignity, then we welcome your support.

The need is huge. The resources are limited. The number of services we can offer are only a small part of the need. We want to do more but are limited by budget.

Whatever you feel compelled to give, it will help.

Donate $15 and Provide a Homeless a Warm Night and a Meal

$15 provides a homeless person a night in the shelter, a place to sleep, a healthy dinner, a hearty breakfast, and a sack lunch to go.

Donate a 3-Pack and Get a 'We All Belong' Sticker

Donate $45 to support three homeless guests for a night and we will send you a 'We All Belong' window/windshield sticker to demonstrate your support.